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Day Care

The staff of the St Sergius Daycare Centre organised a wonderful New Years celebration for its clients.

Everyone was genuinely happy to celebrate the occasion in an atmosphere of companionship and good cheer.


As with everyone, the Daycare Centre had to adapt to the restrictions imposed during the pandemic lockdowns but the care for clients was always maintained, as explained by the Centre manager Svetlana Grabovskaya – “our people were never abandoned, we call them everyday and support them emotionally and where possible physically, by delivering meals, doing their shopping or making medical appointments for them.

The work of the Daycare staff is not always visible, but the support that they provide is invaluable for
the elderly. Each member of the staff has the gift of empathy, the ability to listen and communicate.
For elderly people who find themselves alone and faced with difficulties, we give the gift of hope for
the immediate future and assistance to overcome their problems. Many of our clients accepted vaccination because of the prospect of returning to their friends and companions in Daycare groups”.