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Supports and Services

Cleaning and Recycling

St Sergius has a schedule in place to clean the entire Home. Your room is cleaned daily, and additional cleaning is organised where there is a clinical or care need. Where you request cleaning of your personal equipment, this will be charged at an additional cost. 


Sheets, towels, and pillowcases are supplied and laundered weekly, or at your request. All clothing that you require us to launder in our washing machines must be machine washable. 

Should you have any clothes requiring hand washing or dry cleaning, please speak with staff who can arrange for this to be undertaken (a cost is charged for this service). 


We are responsible to undertake the replacement and repair of furnishings, fittings and equipment owned and provided by St Sergius. Maintenance staff are not responsible for repairing a resident’s own personal property but should you wish to have any items repaired, we are happy to assist you to find the right support. 

Meals and Café 

Delicious and nutritious meals are served daily in the dining rooms. 

We can also happily accommodate you should you prefer to take your meal in the comfort and privacy of your own room.

Snacks and refreshments are available 24/7 days per week for all persons living at St Sergius and can be delivered to you at your request. Snacks and refreshments from the Café can also be arranged during their opening hours but will be at a cost to you. 

We also accommodate specific dietary requirements and visitor meals. Your specific needs will be discussed regularly in consultation with you and as needed, your dietitian and speech pathologist.