Residential Care

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Lifestyle, Religion and Spirituality

After a lifetime of working, you can be forgiven for wanting to forgo further toil, instead opting for leisure activities that bring a smile to your face!  However, participating in society and in group or one on one social, vocational, spiritual, physical, sensory and or creative activities, is shown to provide the best all round health outcomes for us. 

For this reason, St Sergius wellbeing and lifestyle programs are designed to enable you to:

  • Participate in your community within and outside your Home, including regular outings.  
  • Have social and personal relationships.
  • Do the things that interest you – independently or in a group. 

The Lifestyle Coordinator and Lifestyle Officers offer a diverse program of activities that are informed by your preferences and also offer new activities that you may not have experienced before. 

Activities offered are also designed to stimulate experiences to enhance your wellbeing. For example:

  • Ambling through a local park is good for your physical health, but may also improve mental health and allow you to reconnect with your love of nature. 
  • Participating in board games and bingo encourage you to keep using your grey matter when you concentrate, make decisions, chat with friends and are filled with a temporary sense of purpose. 
  • Painting allows you to muster your creativity and exercise your joints in their hands, creating your own mini-masterpiece for your pleasure. 
  • Gardening and volunteering may help you further socialise, enjoy your life and feel like you have meaning and purpose in your life. 

The following special needs groups are welcomed and we look forward to supporting you in your aged care journey. 

  • people from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities
  • people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds
  • people who live in rural or remote areas
  • people who are financially or socially disadvantaged
  • veterans
  • people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless
  • care-leavers
  • parents separated from their children by forced adoption or removal12
  • lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people
  • people of a kind (if any) specified in the Allocation Principles.
  • people living with dementia.
  • people with a mental health condition.
  • people with a disability.
  • people with a cognitive decline.


Family and friends are encouraged to visit you and enjoy your new Home and its amenities. We ask that visitors respect the privacy of other residents when visiting the Home.

Religion and Spirituality 

At St Sergius, our approach to spirituality includes:

  • Relational care.
  • Spiritual growth and flourishing.
  • Your spiritual care being everyone’s concern.
  • A culture of encouragement, acceptance and inclusivity of your spiritual and religious practices.
  • Respect for your views, beliefs, culture, values and affiliations. 

We support you to access the spiritual care you need. St Sergius Aged Care is located next door to the Russian Orthodox Church and residents of this faith are invited and assisted to attend services in the church. We offer regular onsite Orthodox church services in our Chapel (including quarterly Confession and Holy Communion) as well as services for other denominations. Visits from priests of other denominations are available and also upon request.

The Chapel is open at all times for private contemplation and prayer. 


St Sergius has a bus which is used for outings. If you require transport to appointments, e.g., by taxi or private car, this can be arranged by Reception (social appointments) or registered nurse (clinical appointments).