Home and Community Care

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Clinical and Care Services

Model of Care

We provide person centred and culturally appropriate care in keeping with our model of care. Clinical and personal care is provided to you in accordance with the requirements of the Aged Care Quality Standards.

Care and Services Plan and Individualised Budget

The Home Care Manager and Registered Nurse (as required) will undertake a number of assessments to determine your specific care needs and create your care and services plan (Plan). You and your representatives will be given the opportunity to view, discuss and approve your care and services plan and your individualised budget. An individualised budget will also be provided to you. It is a record of the funds available to you in your Home Care Package and how you will use the funds to pay for the services you select. 

The Home Care Manager will review your assessments and care and services plan when your needs and service requests change and at least every 12 months. We will seek your approval of the plan each time this occurs. 

Care Conferences

Care conferences are meetings that are held annually and as required to discuss your needs and preferences and how we can support you to meet these. These can be held in person, by teleconference or by phone. You can also request a care conference or a copy of your care and services plan at any time.

Medical Practitioners

Where your services include following the directions of your doctor, we will ask you for the contact details of your general practitioner (GP). Where you have complex care requirements, we will seek your permission to contact your GP and involve your GP in care planning. 


Where clinical care is an assessed need and is provided by St Sergius, we will provide a registered nurse to assess your needs and be involved in the development of the clinical services within the care plan. 

Management of Medication

Care workers can prompt clients to take medication or assist with administration of medication. Clients must maintain a current list of all medicines, including prescribed, complementary, alternative and over the counter medicines.  

Workers who have been trained and are approved to administer medication have a duty of care to ensure that medication is given as directed by the prescribing doctor. Only a doctor can change or cease prescribed medication.

Allied Health

Allied Health services are available to you through St Sergius. These services include but are not limited to, physiotherapy, dental, podiatry, dietitian, speech pathology, ophthalmology and hearing (audiology) services.

Other Services

Household Tasks

Your home care package can help you with chores around your home. Our staff will ask you what tasks you want help with and how you want these tasks completed. This may include washing your clothes, cleaning, ironing and cooking. 

Meal Preparation

We can offer shopping, meal preparation and meal delivery services to support your health and ongoing enjoyment of meals. In addition to meeting food safety standards, St Sergius is committed to supporting clients: 

  • Cultural, dietary and religious needs and preferences 
  • Independence and decision making in planning and preparing meals.

Home Modification and Maintenance

Home modification and maintenance providers complete modifications and maintenance to support older people to live safely at home. This may include grab-rails or handrails to more extensive alterations, e.g., ramp to access the home.

Social Support and Well-being

The Home Care Manager can suggest a range of holistic, culturally appropriate, lifestyle and well-being activities that support you to maintain or improve your emotional and physical wellness, maintain chosen relationships, enjoy a healthy lifestyle, celebrate yours and other client’s culture and life experiences, and support your chosen religious/spiritual practices and spiritual growth. We encourage you to continue with existing connections to your local community.

Private Contractors

A private contractor is a person engaged by you or your representative to provide home care package services. This might include you continuing to use your own cleaner or physiotherapist when commence services.  Our workforce will work cooperatively with private contractors to fulfill client choice and preferences however we have a duty of care for all clients and will therefore explain the requirement for all contractors to meet legal and compliance requirements. 


If you require transport to appointments, e.g., by taxi or private car, this can be arranged through the home care service. Workers can also accompany you on public transport.