Home and Community Care

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Service Information

Services We Offer

  • Culturally safe services – we specialise in Slavic (specifically Russian, Ukrainian, Croatian, Macedonian and Serbian) and Assyrian care. 
  • Meals and food preparation 
  • Cleaning, laundry, and other chores 
  • Home or garden maintenance 
  • Bathing, hygiene, and grooming 
  • Help with disabilities, impairments or continence 
  • Nursing 
  • Podiatry, physiotherapy, and other therapies 
  • Respite care
  • Home modifications including changes to your home to help you remain safe and independent
  • Aids to stay independent, e.g., walking frame.  
  • Transport 
  • Social outings, groups and visitors and assistance staying connected to your community.
  • Case management 

We offer four levels of Home Care Packages that cover basic support needs through to high care needs.

Package Level Level of care needs
Level 1 Basic care needs
Level 2 Low care needs
Level 3 Intermediate care needs
Level 4 High care needs

Our Locations

We offer services primarily within:

  • City of Sydney 
  • South Sydney 
  • Eastern Suburbs
  • Inner Western Sydney 
  • Western Sydney 
  • South Western Sydney

Service Choice

St Sergius provides a wide range of services to support your goals, wellbeing and lifestyle to enable you to maintain independence in your home. Your package funds are used to support you to maintain your independence and wellbeing in your own home. The type and number of services you can access is determined by the level of home care package you have been allocated.

Excluded Services

There are some services which are excluded under law and services that cannot be provided. In general, exclusions include: using the funding as a general source of income for household bills, food, where it isn’t part of a prescribed health management plan, mortgage payments or rent; travel and accommodation for holidays, gambling activities or other items beyond the scope of available funds in the package. 

Service Times

We will consult with you regarding your preferred service times and always strive to provide service at your preferred time. On occasion, when workers are delayed, we will notify you of the delay and where you choose, will reschedule the service. On occasion, services may be rescheduled or cancelled by us, for e.g., as a result of worker’s illness. In these instances, will always contact you and offer to make other arrangements.

Cancellations and Absences

St Sergius understands that sometimes you will need to cancel a service. We require clients to give at least 24 hours’ notice if they do not require a service at the rostered time (lesser notice will be subject to cancellation fees, except for emergencies, as per the client agreement). St Sergius asks clients to give two weeks’ notice of intended absences of more than two days.    

You are also able to suspend your services. Under the program guidelines you can access leave from the service for a hospital stay, transition care, which may follow a hospital stay, respite care or for social reasons. Your Service Agreement sets out the fees and charges payable and the Home Care Manager can support you if you have any questions.