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Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

We are motivated to achieve:  

‘The best possible care and quality of life (for our residents and clients) in keeping with their cultural traditions and values.’

Our Mission

Our mission statement sets out our purpose and developmental goals for the organisation, care of residents, clients and workforce. We aim to: 

  • Create a homelike atmosphere to which our residents and clients have always been accustomed, by providing specific home-style cooked meals, and observing religious feasts and other customs relating to Russian and other Slavic cultures.
  • Maintain the highest standard of nursing care and meet the physical, psychological, spiritual and emotional needs of residents and clients in a safe, professional and caring manner.
  • Treat all residents and clients with kindness and dignity and maintain their quality of life at the highest level.
  • Provide an atmosphere where mutual respect exists between residents and clients and staff.
  • Enable residents and clients to maintain their independence, privacy and individuality, yet encourage them to take an interest in daily activities.
  • Implement recreational and social programmes to meet the individual needs of residents and clients.
  • Promote staff development by providing in-house training and opportunities for continuing education.
  • Offer our support to relatives and friends to assist them in coming to terms with changing circumstances.

Our Values

St Sergius’ values describe our core ethics and principles that guide Board and workforce conduct and behaviour. 

  • Trust – We are accountable for our actions and will be open and transparent
  • Respect – We value different individuals and their relationships with families, friends and cultures
  • Innovation – We use best practices in providing best care
  • Compassion – We strive to act with kindness in everything we do
  • Encompass – We support our residents and clients to live their best lives of their choice