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Armenian Aged Care

St Sergius is a welcoming and homelike aged care facility offering Residential Care, Home and Community Care services. We follow best practices to provide tailored and culturally specific care.

As an aged care facility that aims to meet the physical, psychological, spiritual, and emotional needs of consumers in a safe, professional, and caring manner, we are able to offer culturally specific Armenian aged care services, and to create an atmosphere of mutual respect, dignity, and kindness.

Providing Values Based Aged Care Services for Sydney

By prioritising the values of trust, respect, innovation, and compassion, we support our consumers and residents to live the life of their choice to the fullest measure.

We provide the home-style menu that our residents may be most accustomed to, and through the observation of cultural days, and encouraging community participation, the St Sergius staff create an aged care home that really does feel like home.