Trading as the Russian Relief Association of St Sergius of Radonezh | ABN 20 071 400 470

Palliative Care

Palliative care is about living for as long as possible in the most satisfying way you can, within the limits of your illness. It’s not simply about dying. Managing symptoms is an important part of this philosophy. Palliative care addresses physical symptoms such as pain or nausea as well as helping with emotional, spiritual and social needs.

At St. Sergius we offer a holistic approach to the care of palliative residents. Not only do we care for the residents physical needs but also their emotional and spiritual needs.

We believe that the best quality of life possible becomes the priority and encourage all residents to fulfil as many aspects of their life that they are able to manage both independently and with assistance

Our palliative care ward is designed to assist in all levels of palliation. We provide both one or two bedded wards with each bed being fully equipped with state of the art technology. The rooms are large and airy with good light a sufficient space for families to gather. We can offer overnight stay for anybody requiring accommodation during a stressful event.

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